Monday, December 17, 2001


Joe said...

Where's all the stuff??

Anonymous said...

Kraftwerk 1978

The Robots
The Model
Neon Lights
The Man-Machine

joe said..., fun, fun on the information super autobahn...

idnvolga said...

Джиг на реке. Ловля на джиг с лодки.

Ethan said...

The new technologies of visual communication disturb our gaze in perspective, and establish at once the relationship between reality and authenticity as based on a “temporary consensus”, reversible, far from the certainties of history and memory, abolishing physical distance just as much as psychic distance. Technology is used to appropriate new definitions, new protocols of action and new territories, distant though they may be. To see it is to know, and to represent a form of reality is a way of establishing its legitimacy.
eeg of brain